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Monday, June 6, 2011

Poli Mana Women's Retreats

Our Mission Statement
The words “Poli Mana” mean “Butterfly Girl”. It is the basic thought behind our mission. Our retreats do not promote any religion, religious group, or political party. We support all women regardless of religion, race, or sexual orientation. All are welcome.
These retreats are designed to be first steps in “becoming”. In becoming the woman we all have inside of us, and whom we lose in our everyday life to the sound of other people’s voices telling us who we are, or should be. We wake each day within a cocoon of beliefs, fears and insecurities as we attempt to be the “perfect” wife, daughter, mother and friend and yet we fail to nurture, listen to, and love ourselves. We do little or nothing for the female within. We cannot even see her anymore through all the layers. The ones others add, as well as the self imposed. We find it easy to be a good friend and listen to others in their time of need while ignoring the most important voice, that of our internal “self” and the divine, intuitive feminine.
This retreat is for any woman who has ever felt empty.  Deaf to her own voice.  It is for all women, in all walks of life, to take the time to meet, and be reintroduced, to herself. As well as an opportunity to meet other women who have the same desire.
It is a time to talk. To be silent. To go within and allow the “butterfly” to break free. To loose the trappings of the cocoon which has kept us safe, but not happy. A time to speak your truth. Re-find your soul words. Walk the mossy path. Re-find what has been lost.
Long ago women would gather in the “Longhouse”. Young women would be taught to honor their dreams. Trust themselves and their feelings. They would be taught the “stories”. The traditions. They learned to laugh, and to cry, all in the truth of who they were, and under the loving watchful eyes of older women. We have lost these places. We are now required to “go it alone” with only society’s model of what it is to be a “woman” as our model. It is shallow and unfulfilling and has no depth or room for who we truly are. It is like trying to find our image in a carnival mirror. Something of “us” is there, but it has been warped and distorted.
I said at the outset that we do not promote any religion. Nor is this a religious retreat. Religious retreats are where you go to build your faith in whatever deity you choose to follow. This retreat is to facilitate a building of faith in YOU. The “butterfly”. It is our hope it will encourage a faith in the divine feminine within each of us. It is the closest we can come to the “Longhouse”, and spend time as sisters, mothers and friends. It is our firm belief, and the inspiration for these retreats, that somewhere in all of us we crave this and long to feel it again. It is our deepest desire that lasting friendships will be forged here, in this space. Friendships based on a real “knowing” of the women you will meet. And, on their really “knowing” you.
All women are welcome. All are beautiful, and all carry the butterfly within. There are no stipulations or requirements, only an opportunity to truly BE. Live in a moment. Connect. Be not only listened to, but heard. Honored. Encouraged. Accepted. Be “felt”, and feel. To heal. To have fun, and live, for a moment, like there is still a Longhouse, and a seat for you is prepared and waiting.

Run with the wolves
Sit at the circle
Dance in the firelight
Offer gifts
And receive them
It is time.

Namaste ~

For additional information please email us @
You are also free to call for information; Nekole Miller 503-799-9132

A bit about our retreats

Some activities on retreat
Dream circle
Hiking/ walking
“Meeting yourself” circle
Story circle
Affirmation circle
Synchronicity-Poetry writing~ This is fun!
Making a “ceremonial robe” *not available at all retreats
Carving a “walking stick”
Yemhnya- The making of a ceremonial boat. The boat is filled with “things”. Flowers, for example, and set free in a healing ritual.
Meditation time

Stone Grids
 Every morning there will be a circle, and each evening. 8-9:30 am and 7:00-10:00 pm.  After breakfast, and after dinner. All other activities, though we hope you will participate, will be optional, as there is healing in time alone and in quiet, and nature is the great healer. We have a unique program that allows for retreatants to get to experience the gifts and talents of other attendees. Outlined as follows;
If you have a special, gift, talent, or area of expertise, we might to incorporate them into the retreat in small “optional” workshops or classes. This is a great way to “get your name out there”. Take steps toward doing the business you have always dreamed of starting. Make friends with similar interests. Feel out responses and receive feedback, and, most importantly, help others. Create a love of what you do, in others who may otherwise never experience it. This is our invitation.
Some Suggestions;
Music / Drum circle
Aura Reading/ Cleansing
Tai Chi
Crystal/ Energy healing
Drawing/ Art
Nothing is too “small”. Anything you love to do is welcome. These are only suggestions. Please add your own ideas! We will provide what we can to assist, as well as the space to do it when possible.
Requirements are as follows;
We must have, in writing, (via email) your desired subject and a synopsis, as well as the length of time you feel will be needed to do it, at least 2 weeks prior to the retreat. (It doesn't have to be lengthy, just a brief description) We retain the right to refuse any request we feel is not in the “spirit” of our mission statement. Anything potentially harmful, offensive, or damaging to the environment or others will not be allowed. These “workshops” are understood to be free to all retreatants and are all completely optional. No retreatant will be required to attend.

Some general information;
Age restrictions;
We have no age restrictions per se. At Poli Mana retreats, we feel strongly that women of all ages can benefit from this group setting, and from women of different ages, their experiences and stories. That having been said, not all subject matter may be comfortable to talk about in front of all ages, and anyone desiring to come on retreat, or bring someone on retreat, who is under 17 years of age must submit, PRIOR to payment, their request, and may be asked for further information. This must be done at least 2 weeks prior to the retreat. And again, please make no payment on behalf of a minor without first speaking with us. Itinerary and subject matter etc will be discussed with you and a decision made at that time. Thank you for your understanding in this. Many times we can and do make concessions. It is our goal to meet the needs of all concerned.

Mother/ Daughter retreats;
We will begin having “Mother/ Daughter” retreats in late fall/ early winter of 2011. It is our hope these will be a popular choice. Details will be furnished via email to anyone interested. Please let us know if this is a retreat you would like to attend as we are trying to assess the interest and need in this area and set up an appropriate amount of dates and times.

It is our deepest desire to “give back” in responsible ways. Therefore we will be donating 5% of all profits from these retreats to established and reputable women’s charities and not for profit organizations. A list will be provided to all retreatants and each will be asked to “vote” for their favorite at the end of the retreat. The charity with the most “votes” will receive the donation in total. This seems the most “democratic” way and assures different charities will benefit over time.
If you know of a charity or are affiliated with a charity you feel is worthy, please email us with their information and we will add them to our “list” once we have looked into them.

Private retreats
Private retreats for 2 or more can be arranged. Either for the day, for 2 days (overnight) or for 3 days. Please contact us for information and prices.

Refunds due to weather
We live in Oregon gals… I have heard the saying more than once that “If it is raining, and you want sun, wait 5 minutes. “ and vice versa. So, sorry, but no refunds are given due to weather. Supplies are purchased, reservations made etc, well in advance of the retreat.

 3 day retreats, and all associated costs are as follows; These retreats usually begin on a Friday (arriving in the afternoon)  Saturday, and Sunday (leaving late afternoon). Cost is 200.00 per person.
Beach retreats (2 and 3 day) include;
Location/ Rental
Meals- bevereges
All Activities

Aqua Chi foot treatments
Paper- pens etc for journaling/ drawing etc…
All Firewood for “circles”
On “Beach retreats” you will have access to a shower and in most cases a washer/ dryer.
In the majority of cases the home is beach front.
Each person will have a bed, but not necessarily their own room. There may be a possibility of having your own room if that is your desire. If so, please let us know in advance of the retreat and we will try to make that available if possible. This is obtained on a “first come, first served” basis.

2 day retreats
We realize not everyone can take 3 days in total, off work, or away from family. Additionally, some people work weekends. We want all to have the ability to have this experience, so, 2 day retreats are officially available. Both weekday and weekend. Please email for details.  Cost is 135.00 per person

Day retreats * New
For those who would like to retreat just for the day, (10am-4pm) we are starting retreats that are close and accessable and still full of fun activities. these will be at a local nature park and will include lunch and a snack in the afternoon. We are trying to organize a "day retreat" at the beach as well, please let us know if you are interested in this. Cost is 20.00 per person. Please email for dates and details.

 Nature/ Camping retreats
These are our favorite!  The requirements for these retreats are as follows;
What we provide (2 and 3 day retreats)
The location/ area- (a local retreat center with cabins and kitchen/ batroom availability)

Paper- pens etc for journaling/ drawing
Tarps/ a covered shelter area “in case” for outdoor activities rain or shine

What you need (2 and 3 day retreats);  

An umbrella for walks and/ or a good raincoat
Sunscreen/ bug spray (But please? Eco friendly?)
Sleeping gear (sleeping bag, pillows, additional blankets)
Warm/ appropriate clothing (even if it is supposed to be warm, it can get chilly at night. And there is always a chance of rain, so bring some gear that can keep you dry and warm in a pinch)
We will do all we can to prepare for peoples comfort, but part of the fun of these adventures/ retreats is improvising. Working as a group to find new and fun ways to do and accomplish things. Hiking and walking and meditating in nature. Being outdoors and watching a raindrop make its way down a blade of grass. Seeing wildlife and feeling the at-one-ness that only comes when you spend some time reconnecting with the Earth and all her beauty and bounty. This trip is for ALL women. There are wonderful moments that can never be experienced in a home, or a 5 star hotel. We believe this is the most beautiful and enjoyable way to really reconnect with all that matters.

Our “footprint”
It is our wish to leave nothing but the footprints we have made, upon leaving. We do a lot of “clean up” as we are in a place, and attempt to leave it looking better than when we arrived. All trash, is separated into recyclable groups and taken upon our departure to appropriate recycling receptacles. We do not encourage or condone any kind of litter, or destruction of the area. Each retreatant will be expected to pitch in and do their part to improve the area we are in. There is no burning of anything but wood and wood based products. No harming of wildlife. These retreats are for those who care about nature and want to be in it, and add to it. We would love suggestions before/ during/ and after retreat on ways we may improve in this area.

All meals will be provided, however all retreatants will be required to help with cooking, cleaning and general preparation. This is done in groups and will not be anyone’s sole responsibility. All food will be provided with only the following exception; We will do our best to accommodate any special food requirement (Allergic to onions? No problem!) BUT, if a special diet is required for health/ medical reasons (Diabetes etc), or if you have personal restrictions such as vegan/ vegetarian diet, you may be required to bring your own food and help prepare it. We will provide the cooking area and cookware. Please let us know if there you have any special requirements so we can accommodate and supply what we can.

We will give a significant discount to/ be willing to pay, anyone who has a property that would be appropriate for this. At the beach, or in “nature”. Please email us with a description, the location, and pictures if possible if you know of somewhere that would be a good "fit".
If you know of the “perfect place” but do not own it, please let us know as well. We would love to add to our list of retreat spots, and would like to compensate for that accordingly.

Your onetime payment covers all fees and taxes and is all inclusive. There are no additional charges of any kind.

Medical needs
We are not a medical facility and we do not have on staff any medical personnel or licensed counselors. If you have a medical issue or medication requirements, please know we rely on you to bring what you require to be healthy and “ok”. If what you need is a Bandaid, Neosporin, or Benadryl, we will have that. We will have the basics to cover any non-life-threatening situation. A medical kit will be on hand that includes all the basic over-the-counter medical supplies. If you have issues that are better dealt with via professional (or) medical help, please seek that. We are not licensed to be psychologists, or psychoanalysts. If you have needs are in this area, you are better served seeking professional and licensed medical attention.

Cell phones
I am a mother of 7 as I write this. I, more than anyone, understand the need for “contact” and “checking in”. Having said this, not all retreat spaces are in cell range, and if they are, all phones are to be silenced. All texts and calls are to be made away from retreatants and events/ activities. Our suggestion is a “check in” in the early morning, and late evening (if really needed), so as not to disturb your “retreat space” and that of others. Please take the time to explore this “time” with us and leave any distractions at home if possible.

Step away from your “world” and see THIS one? There are moss covered trees, and the greenest, clearest water. Butterflies and wildness. Sand and waves that have been calling, and you haven’t “picked up”. They want to “play”. Give them the opportunity. And give yourself, and your FAMILY, the gift of the “you” that has taken the time to do so.
Please do all you can to honor this time for yourself. Pretend for a moment that you are a vessel. You “hold water”. You pour and pour and pour some more. This is the time. This is the PLACE to re-fill YOU. Take it. No one else can re-fill you, and it is not a selfish endeavor to do so. It is necessary. Good. Needed. Do it! It is time.

Have I mentioned it is time? Because it is TIME.


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